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Since the start of Spartan, we’ve been delivering your iconic photo finishes EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Over the last few years, you’ve said you want more photos of you, the obstacles and the whole event experience… Well Spartan – you spoke, and we listened. 

NEW for 2024, we are upgrading your coveted photos to a new and improved experience with our partners at Sportograf:

• More photographers on course – on average 50% more than 2023

• Increased obstacle coverage – capturing obstacles we’ve never covered before!

• Automatic image processing – every image gets an extra ‘pop’ to the final product

• More images – you can expect to receive up to 40 photos with a package

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What’s Changing? 

Starting with events in January 2024, all Spartan and Spartan Trail events will be transitioning to a paid photo service, using our partners at Sportograf as the provider. 
We’re excited to continue our long-time partnership with Sportograf, who provided this service for Spartan events in Western Europe for many years, with excellent customer satisfaction.


What do I get with my paid photo package?

You’ve been asking for more photos of you, the obstacles and the whole event experience - and we’re ready to deliver! 

  • More photographers! Sportograf will be providing an average of 50% more photographers at each event, versus our 2023 offerings.
  • Trigger cameras: additional stationary cameras on course will provide even more photo opportunities! 
  • Increased obstacle coverage: more photographers means being able to capture more obstacles that weren’t possible before.
  • Automatic image processing: Sportograf processes every image with its own filters to give all the race images an extra pop.
  • MORE images: with more photographers and the addition of stationary cameras, athletes can expect to receive up to 40 photos of themselves, processed with filters, in high-resolution digital image files.
  • Photo certificate: a photo of the athlete’s choice with the race location and their finisher time overlaid onto the image, for a keepsake for specific events.


How do I purchase my photos?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get access to all your epic photos! You’ll be able to purchase your photo package before OR after the event, or even choose to purchase a single unforgettable photo, post event. 


Purchasing prior to your event will be the most cost-effective choice to get your photos. 
Note: Spartan+ Members using a promotional code may only use their code for purchases after the event.

  • During the Registration Process: While you’re adding that next 2024 event to your cart, you’ll see the new option to add-on your photo package at the same time. You’ll see the Photo Package add-on right next to your usual optional selections for SpartanTab, VIP Parking, Spectator Passes, etc. prior to checkout.
  • Via your Spartan Account: Didn’t add your Photo Package during registration, but changed your mind? No problem! Visit the “Tickets” section of your Spartan Account and choose to “add a Photo Package” any time, prior to the event. Note, your photo package applies to a specific event, so make sure to choose the correct event ticket, before continuing on to purchase.



Via the Results section in Spartan Account: a few days after the event (48-72 hours generally, possibly sooner!) photos and results from the event will be ready for general viewing. 

  • Choose the Results section, then the event you’d like to view photos of
  • You’ll be prompted to Upload your Selfie, so we can match you to your photos!
    Note: All athletes can upload their selfie to look for matches, regardless of if they pre-purchased the photo add-on or not.
  • Your matching photos will load automatically with a watermark; look for the option to buy your photo package here (or even single-photos). 
  • Once you complete your purchase, you’ll be directed back to your Spartan Account. 
    Click the “Retrieve Photo Purchases” button to see your newly purchased photos with no watermark.

What if I'm running Multiple Events in one Weekend?

If you're running multiple events in one weekend - for example, conquering a full Trifecta Weekend - you will need to purchase ONE photo package PER DAY of the event. 

By purchasing one photo package for Saturday and one photo package for Sunday, you will gain access to ALL photos of you on each day, regardless of the distances run. 


Multiple Spartans, One Email Address! 

  • We don't recommend registering multiple Spartans under one email address whenever possible, as your email address is your unique identifier to separate photos, results, tickets, etc. 
  • If you DO have multiple Spartans under one email address (example, 2 friends are under your email address), you will still be able to view and/or purchase everyone's unique photos. 
    • First - contact Customer Service to separate your results to different accounts
      • You can only view photos of one person in Spartan account and that is person who's results you can see there
    • Once separated their results will show in their own Spartan account and they will be able to upload selfie
    • You may upload multiple selfies but once you claim your photos you will not be able to change your selfie so we recommend to check which one is the best


Something Else? 

For most questions related to your photo package - payment, discounts, photos available, etc. - please contact our partners at Sportograf directly:


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