Transfer Rules 2022 - valid from 25.08.2020


The following options will occur if a race is cancelled in 2021:
-Every ticket in 2021 will be guaranteed with a 100% voucher in case of cancellation due to Corona or other reasons.
-This includes transferred entries from 2020 -- 70+%/-%30 codes from cancelled events--, general deferrals in 2021 and sold tickets in 2021.
-The voucher is valid for same format, same category (or a lower one)- but any race in the same country    (e.g. Germany, or Spain, or France etc.).
-The voucher will be valid for a race in 2021 or 2022
-This policy is applied also retroactively for anyone who has a 2021 ticket already.



2)The following options apply to all races that take place in 2021:

To get a discount code for a race, please log in to your user account at

On the right side you will find the following options in the drop down menu:


Now available options for your races will be displayed:

A) Transfer

Here you have the possibility to switch between ELITE, AGE GROUP and OPEN or another format like Sprint to Super. This option only works within the event.
After selecting this option, you can choose the race you want to race. If there is an up charge, you will be asked to pay online during the registration process.
After you have confirmed the transfer the new race will be shown in your profile.



B) Deferral

If you select this option, the race will be cancelled and you will see information about the cancellation. The amount of the discount code, the validity and the races in which the code can be redeemed are displayed.


After you have confirmed the cancellation, a code is automatically generated and assigned to your user profile. You can find the code either in the overview in the dropdown of the corresponding race under "Coupons".



The purchase of an entry ticket for a Spartan Race event is non-refundable.
However, the company Xchange Sport & Event AG offers the following different possibilities: 

  • The deferment is possible at all races in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Andorra, Italy, Spain, Greece, Andorra, Slovenia, Switzerland, Denmark and France except for Championship races.

  • The voucher code is valid to be used for 3 months after the event date of the race that the race ticket was initially purchased for. The code can be used for all races that offer an online registration by that time regardless of the event date of those events.
    (e.g. if the Sprint race which is taken place of 14th of April 2021 will be deferred on 10th of March 2021 the voucher code will be valid till 14th of July 2021. The race the voucher is used for may be later that year, e.g. for a race in September 2021)

  • The value of the voucher code will be applied at the registration fee. Any remaining amount to be paid, due to a difference of the voucher value, and the registration fee is due for payment by the purchaser. The remaining amount due for payment is subject to service fees.
  • If the value of the voucher code exceeds the price for the new registration the remaining amount will be forfeited.

  • Only the paid amount for the registration that gets deferred is considered. If a discount or a deferment code was used for the original registration, only the amount that was paid to complete that registration will be considered. (e.g. if the payment for a €100 registration will be done with a 40% or €40 voucher code, the deferment for that race will be a €60 voucher code. MaxFun calculates only the amount paid in, not the amount the race would cost. Therefore, if a 100% code will be used, the voucher code is worth €0.)

    For all who used a name bound code from 2020 (for example 70% code from cancelled event or volunteercode) please write us an email with the Zendesk tool in the top.


  • This service is available until the event date. A service fee will apply of:
    • Kids:
      €5,00 including VAT + (9.5% additive service fees incl. VAT until 7 days before the event date)
      €10,00 including VAT + (9.5% additive service fees incl. VAT in the last 7 days before event date).
    • Races:
      €15,00 including VAT + (9.5% additive service fees incl. VAT until 7 days before the event date)
      €25,00 including VAT + (9.5% additive service fees incl. VAT in the last 7 days before event date).
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