2022 - Dach National Series


The new Dach Series will be developed on 4 races, very different from each other. Runners in Elite and Age Group categories will accumulate points based on their results after each of the 4 events in the series.


The DACH Regional Series is launched, with 4 races on the program all over Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, which will see hundreds of brave Spartans compete for the title of DACH Regional Series Champion 2022. From the bavarian city of Munich to Kulmbach, passing through Lower Austria with St.Pölten to finish in the Swiss Alps of Valais in Verbier, the venue for the final of the Series.



  • DACH Regional Series 2022:
  • Munich Sprint- Apr 09
  • Kulmbach Beast- Jun 18
  • St Pölten Super- Jul 02
  • Verbier Beast- Sept 10


Runners in Elite and Age Group categories will accumulate points based on their results after each of the 4 events in the series.

This 2022 Series will focus on elevating Age group athletes therefore, there will also be prizes for both categories Elite (cash prize money) and Age group (non-cash prizes).

For the DACH Regional Series 3 out of 4 races will count into the final ranking, so the maximum number of results considered is from your best 3 races. If you do or finish less than 3 races it will count accordingly only those results. No minimum number of races is required to participate. Only the last race is mandatory to participate in, when the winners will be rewarded at the end of the Beast in Verbier as the final of the Series.

The 2022 qualification rules for European Championship and World Championship will be released on a global level shortly.

For every successful finish of a series race, Elite and Age group athletes get an exclusive regional series medal. The Elite Qualification System is not applied for this event.


Elite Series Point System

All races are scored using a 300 point system. Points are assigned based on the Elite competitor's final place and gender. 

Points will be awarded as follows: 

  1. 300
  2. 264
  3. 236
  4. 216
  5. 204
  6. 192
  7. 180
  8. 168
  9. 156
  10. 144
  11. 132
  12. 131

Places beyond 11th, the point differential between each finisher will be 1 point. 

At 142nd place and beyond within both male and female Elite categories, there are no points awarded. For example, if you place 200th, you would receive zero points. 

Elite Series Prize Money: 

Both the individual races (Top 3 Elite M/F)  and the overall series (Top 5 Elite M/F) will distribute Prize Money*.  To be eligible for the overall Series Ranking (and by that the Prize Money) you have to compete following the criteria for the Series and compete at the grand final race of the series. 



  • 1st place $ 400 
  • 2nd place $ 300 
  • 3rd place $ 200 


  • 1st place $ 1500 
  • 2nd place $ 1200 
  • 3rd place $ 900 
  • 4th place $ 600 
  • 5th place $ 500 

*No other race will distribute prize money.


Age Group National Series Point System


All races are scored using a 1,000 point system. Points are assigned based on an athlete's final place and their gender, within their specified age group category. 

Points are calculated using the following formula. 

1st Place Age Group Finishers Time (Minutes)/Your Finish Time (Minutes) x 1000 = Total Points Score


  • 1st Place Age Group Time - 60:00 Minutes
  • Your Time - 72:00 Minutes
  • 60/72 x 1000 = 833 Points

Competitors ranked below 1,000 place in their Age Group will not earn any points. 

Age Group National Series Prizes: In 2022 Age group athletes will compete for Prizes (non-cash prizes). Details to be released shortly. 



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