Everything you have to know about your voucher that you received for a canceled race.


You have experienced a race cancellation due to the Covid pandemic in 2020 or 2021 in Western Europe (and specifically in Austria/Germany) and you are now an owner of a voucher discount, usable to sign up to a race. 


You are full of questions, and we want to brighten your doubts. See below, and if you have a question that is not answered yet, email us at: or


  1. Which Country is my voucher code valid for?

    Only the country where the original race of your booking was held in. For example: if you have received the voucher from the cancelled Spartan Munich (DE) or St.Pölten (AT), it will only be valid in both Countries (Germany/Austria).

  2. Which races can I sign up to?

    Once you have defined the Country of the validity of your voucher, it can be redeemed for all races included in that Country calendar 2022. If it’s valid for Germany/Austria, you can sign up for every race in Germany/Austria in 2022. See the race finder here.

  3. What's the format and categories I can sign up to, redeeming it?

    Same format and category or lower of your original booking. Example: if you were registered to a Sprint, you can only sign up to a Sprint. If you were registered for a Super, you can sign up for a Super or a Sprint. If you were registered for a Beast, you can sign up for a Beast, Super, or Sprint. The same has to be applied for categories. If you were registered as Open, you can only sign for Open. If you were registered as an Age Group, you can sign up as AG or Open. If you were registered as Elite, you can sign up as Elite, AG or Open.

  4. How can I find all the specific information connected to my voucher in terms %percentage and validity?

    Most codes are coded like you can see here:


    If you have a code which is not coded like this example, and you are not sure, please email us at: or

  5. Where do I find my code?

    The codes were sent out to all participants after any cancellation.
    Please also check your spam folder. ->If you can't find your code, please email us at or

  6. How do I use my code?

    This is explained in detail HERE 
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